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OLYMPIC EYE CARE Dr. Jeffrey Harris Board Certified Optometric Physician 6508 Wollochet Dr NW Gig Harbor Wa 98335 253-853-3937
OLYMPIC EYE CAREDr. Jeffrey HarrisBoard CertifiedOptometric Physician 6508 Wollochet Dr NWGig Harbor Wa 98335253-853-3937

Children's Frames

Whether for school, the gym or the playground, our frames for young customers must be durable

and at the same time look good and be comfortable to wear. Our selection of popular children's frames prove that design and functionality are not mutually exclusive. We can also advise you on selecting especially resilient lenses.


Some of the main brands we carry for children include but are not limited to:




Note: Glasses for children and adolescents up to 18 years of age are sometimes covered by health insurance policies. We can help you find out if your health insurance covers children's glasses. 


Did you know that 1 out of 4 school-aged children has an undiagnosed vision problem

that interferes with learning? Most children do not realize they have vision problems.

Good vision is an efficient tool for learning. 


A vision screening at school or at the pediatricians is not a substitute for a thorough eye examination by a eye care professional. Over the years we have seen many kids with high prescriptions, that most likely could of been in glasses 1 to 3 years sooner. Don't let this happen to your child. It's difficult to know for sure without an actual eye examination.

Call today to ensure clear and healthy vision for your children.

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