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Business Hours

Our business hours are:


~Monday - Thursday

9am - 5pm


9am - 4pm


*After hour appointments


   one night each week*

OLYMPIC EYE CARE Dr. Jeffrey Harris Board Certified Optometric Physician 6508 Wollochet Dr NW Gig Harbor Wa 98335 253-853-3937
OLYMPIC EYE CAREDr. Jeffrey HarrisBoard CertifiedOptometric Physician 6508 Wollochet Dr NWGig Harbor Wa 98335253-853-3937

Monthly Wear

Monthly wear lenses can be used for up to four weeks, and thanks to their high oxygen permeability, they can often be worn throughout the day and overnight without being removed once. That means clear vision every morning as soon as you open your eyes. Not all contacts are made for sleeping in, follow the recommendations from your eye care provider. 


The advantages for you is to have a fresh new pair of lenses every 3 to 4 weeks.



We carry monthly disposable lenses from the following manufacturers:


Johnson & Johnson (Vistakon) - Ciba - Coopervision - Bausch & Lomb

Monthly Wear Lenses Don't let glasses get in your way. The Options for contact lens use is better then ever. Call and see if contacts are right for you.
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