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Business Hours

Our business hours are:


~Monday - Thursday

9am - 5pm


9am - 4pm


*After hour appointments


   one night each week*

OLYMPIC EYE CARE Dr. Jeffrey Harris Board Certified Optometric Physician 6508 Wollochet Dr NW Gig Harbor Wa 98335 253-853-3937
OLYMPIC EYE CAREDr. Jeffrey HarrisBoard CertifiedOptometric Physician 6508 Wollochet Dr NWGig Harbor Wa 98335253-853-3937

Daily Wear

These soft disposable contact lenses are Yes Dailey disposables. Only worn once and throw away. These lenses are ideal for speacial occasions and playing sports, however they are great for every day use. They come  in 30 or 90 packs. These lenses also offer optimal hygiene. They don't require cleaning or disinfection, so no more inconvenience of caring for and storing them. Yes they do cost alittle more then weekly or monthlys, but you will also save money from no longer needing solutions. They are truly fantastic!


We carry daily lenses from the following manufacturers:

                 Johnson & Johnson and Ciba



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