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Our business hours are:


~Monday - Thursday

9am - 5pm


9am - 4pm


*After hour appointments


   one night each week*

OLYMPIC EYE CARE Dr. Jeffrey Harris Board Certified Optometric Physician 6508 Wollochet Dr NW Gig Harbor Wa 98335 253-853-3937
OLYMPIC EYE CAREDr. Jeffrey HarrisBoard CertifiedOptometric Physician 6508 Wollochet Dr NWGig Harbor Wa 98335253-853-3937

OLYMPIC EYE CARE: A Tradition of Quality

When we say seeing better is living better. We truly believe that. If you live your life with some sort of blurred vision, we can help improve your dailey life with prescription eye wear. As long as your distorted vision is not caused by an eye disease causeing a decrease in your vision. When it comes to clear vision, buying a pair of glasses "off the rack" just doesn't cut it, Especially since each individual customer has unique visual requirements.


For that reason, at OLYMPIC EYE CARE we understand the importance of providing our customers with personal and professional services.

Our team has many years of experience and expertise to provide you with the assistance you may want or need at the time of your visit.


Over the years we have seen both adults and children truly see clearly for the first time. The excitement is overwhelming at times, many smile ear to ear in amazement, some gaze out the window to see leaves on the tree's and flowers for the first time. When it's a child, it can be a true life changer.

Don't let this be you or someone you love. Schedule an eye exam today for you and your loved ones.  


What you can expect from us 

  • Exclusive expert advice from trained opticians and eye care professionals
  • Honesty in helping you choose a frame that is best for you
  • Fitting and measuring of frame & lense choice
  • Education and advise regarding lense products & options to help you
  • See the best you can with the right lense's
  • Free frame adjustments and lens cleaning, including nose pads
  • Free & same day handling of minor repairs
  • All that can make a big difference in how well you can see look & feel 
  • Service that let's you know, we truly care about your vision needs.


See Clearly Everyday  - We look forward to serving you. 

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